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Denimocracy is a premium denim line and original innovator of the popularly coined term - the jegging. As a premium luxury brand, Denimocracy has established a large celebrity following through its innovative product line that even competitors cannot keep up with.


Denimocracy in its infant stages required an aggressive marketing plan and branding strategy focused around growth with the ability to compete with established, credible, and large following companies.


Creative Intellects was selected to develop a web presence for Denimocracy. Our approach re-energized the brand with captivating creative style and functionality. Through our branded strategy, we integrated unique brand style guides for use in its growing phase.

Results: Our approach at Creative Intellects produced a new image for Denimocracy, producing positive sentiments and an increase of daily check-outs through their eCommerce platform. Stay tuned as we work with Denimocracy on their marketing efforts!


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